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Lawful Money is demanded for all transactions pursuant to 12 USC 411.

* If your order (ONLY IF) has at least 1 Gadgetman Groove Throttle Body in it, please do not forget to fill
the form below this page, then click the “Submit this form” button, before proceeding with checkout.

Important note:
The GMG Throttle Body modification process IS FOR GAS ENGINES ONLY, NOT FOR DIESEL ENGINES.
AND it’s NOT for
ANY Direct Injected engines, UNLESS it also has Port Fuel Injection.

ie. It will NOT work for a Ford Ecoboost 3.5L V6, 2011-2014 with Direct injection, but it can work from 2015 when Ford introduced their Port injection…
It will NOT work for Volks Wagon models with Direct injection (they have them since the last 10 years or so).

Therefore, do not order the GMG Throttle Body modification if your vehicle is a DIESEL or a Direct Injected Engine only.

Please enter your car and own details here, then click “Submit this form” button down below, before proceeding with checkout.

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