SnakeOil Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Will SnakeOil work in my engine oil?
YES SnakeOil is compatible with ANY engine oil, Regular, Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic.
Any weight, brand or otherwise.

When should I add SnakeOil to my engine oil?
There should ideally be at least 1000 miles remaining until next oil change. OR add it with, or just after an oil change. Don’t add SnakeOil, and change the oil next week (unless going on a long trip). New/rebuilt engines, wait ’till it’s broken in, at least 10,000 miles.

How often should I add SnakeOil to my engine?
SnakeOil is a permanent friction proofing treatment. Usually, one treatment is enough. You can do a re-treatment after say, a year, or if the engine is very old, worn or still noisy. Use your own judgment.

What is the best way to add SnakeOil to the engine? 
Start with the engine warmed up. Shut engine off, then add to the oil. Re-start the engine, let it idle a few minutes. Then go for a drive – the longer the better. This way, it goes to work instantly, going to the friction points in the engine. Don’t just add to a cold engine and walk away – it needs heat and friction in a running engine to work.

How much SnakeOil does my engine need?
Depends on oil capacity. 4 Quarts or less: 5CC size, 5 to 8 Quarts:10CC size.
Bigger capacities (Look in Big Rigs Section), up to 5 Gallons: 30CC size, 6 to 10 Gallons: 60CC size.

WHY should I use SnakeOil products?
To cut parasitic friction in an engine or other system. To stop and reverse wear, and release wasted energy. To make an engine or other treated system run noticeably smoother, quieter and better. To save fuel, and have more power. To make it last much longer and reduce repair costs.

How do I know if SnakeOil worked in my engine or other system? 
You will feel and hear the difference.
Smoother, quieter, easier acceleration.
Better fuel economy.
Improved shifts.
Better, quieter power steering.
Engine runs better after Fuel System treatment.
Quieter exhaust leaks (We don’t CLAIM this, but we’ve seen and heard it!).
Water pump leak slows or stops.
Rear axle noise quiets down (And other things we’ve heard from customers!).

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