Happy Easter, and today I have an announcement! This is to introduce the new SnakeOil for CVT Transmission Treatment. It comes in the 5CC syringe and is for passenger car CVT transmissions ONLY. It is priced at just $29.00. One syringe will treat any passenger car CVT transmission.

You may know, that CVT transmissions work VERY hard, and so the CVT fluid is put to extreme loads and high temperatures. CVT transmissions use fluid types uniquely made to handle the extreme service demands these transmissions experience. Even with the different types of CVT fluids the car manufacturers specify, they all have something in common. CVT transmissions can be ferociously brutal even in “normal” service, which frequently causes the CVT fluid to breakdown. It is commonly advised to replace CVT fluid and filters more often than the OEM specification, by transmission specialists. I’ve heard 30-50,000 miles recommended as the frequency to change the fluid and filters.

While the OEM “spec” may be a longer recommended interval, or even state that it is a “lifetime” fluid—simple common sense says that is is MUCH cheaper to get the fluid and filters replaced, compared to having to replace an entire CVT transmission. While I do not own a car with a CVT trans, if I did I know I would opt for a shorter fluid change interval.

IF your CVT transmission is showing signs of trouble, like shuddering, slipping, or anything out of normal—GET it checked out. If there is a dipstick, pull it and see if the fluid smells burnt and is dark color. No dipstick, it needs to go to a shop or for DIY attention to find out the fluid’s condition. IF the CVT fluid is dark or smells burnt get it and the filter(s) changed.

So I hope you get the message here that CVT transmissions place high demands upon the fluids they use, higher than other types of transmissions. Heat and wear from friction, plus sludge formation over time will contaminate the fluid. Left unchecked, worn out CVT fluid will kill the CVT trans. Eventually, you could be facing thousands in repair bills.

SnakeOil CVT Transmission treatment is a concentrated formula with C50 active ingredient. C50 is the ultimate anti-friction substance, having extreme high temperature stability to 900C. With extreme load carrying ability, shock absorbance, high oxidation resistance and an ultra-low coefficient of friction, it’s what the CVT Transmission needs! It can be added at any time. BUT- IF that CVT trans. is giving trouble, get the fluid checked. I would replace the fluid and filter(s) if needed. SnakeOil CVT Transmission Treatment will NOT fix a dead CVT trans., but it WILL help keep it alive! Plus, at the regular price of just $29.00, it’s like cheap life insurance for that CVT Transmission!

Our new CVT Transmission Treatment is also an option in the Big3 Package, just select CVT as transmission type in the Big3 package when ordering, which at just $104.00 will treat the engine, transmission and fuel system (gas OR diesel!) in your car. Remember, so far, CVT Transmissions are ONLY in passenger cars, not pickup trucks or Big Rigs!

So, thanks for your attention today. And, remember Ron Hatton’s famous saying–

“Smile for a stranger today- You will both be glad you did!”

Tracy Gallaway
Gadgetman Technologies Operation Director
Direct phone: (775) 544-7692