For all lubrication systems using standard or synthetic motor oils.

In September of 2019, the 100% Pure Snake Oil for engines was released and have been greeted with some amazing reports not only for the average 4-Stroke, but for 2-cycle engines also!

It comes in two sizes, depending on the capacity of the oil system.

For the average over-the-road passenger vehicle, we suggest the 10 CC size, followed by another 5 cc’s once a year..

Adding 10 cc’s to a gallon of fuel mix will completely transform any 2-cycle engine it is given to.

Just shake the fuel a little before fueling up.

It’s what we recommend for the first ever treatment, followed by a touch-up of 5 CC’s once a year.

10 CC’s will restore and protect the average engine, gasoline or diesel.

While 10 cc’s is less than 2 teaspoons, this little dose added to your oil has been responsible for providing many people with better mileage (some have reported as much as DOUBLE).

It has completely stopping oil consumption even in newer vehicles designed to consume as much as a quart of oil every thousand miles, cooler operating temperatures and even cold starting in the bitter cold of central Alaska when one owner forgot to use their crankcase heater at 30 degrees below ZERO!
It’s fast-acting, with noticeable improvements as soon as the engine is started.

The smaller 5 CC dose is designed for smaller capacities of 4 quarts or less, whether it’s a lawn mower, back-up generator or even air compressors!

5 CC’s of Snake Oil will serve well for any smaller engine.

We encourage you to buy a couple of extras so you have some on hand for your friends and family!