What exactly IS “The Gadgetman Groove”?

The Gadgetman Groove is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a groove that’s machined into your throttle body just downstream of the throttle plate.
It’s what it DOES that makes it special!

Here’s a whiteboard presentation of 14:35 minutes that explains the science, start to finish!


What will you change on my engine?

We just change the shape of the throttle body. There are no parts, no chemicals, no tuning or “tweaking”. We replace your throttle body and reverse a flaw that is engineered into every vehicle. That’s it! (To get a good overview of the whole process, visit The Whole Processpage. Link opens in a new tab.)

How much can I expect to get from this modification?

Over 80% of our customers report a minimum increase of 20% in MPG’s. Some get vastly more (up to 600% has been reported), and some, in all honesty, get nothing. But there is nothing better on the market – at ANY price – at improving combustion efficiency. In this, The Gadgetman Groove stands alone.

How long will this last?

The modification is permanent. And for the first few weeks, the more you run your engine,the better your system likes it!

Are there any negative effects of getting Grooved?

In certain rare cases (maybe one in 200 mods) the system reaches maximum efficiency and eliminates all fuel particles (HydroCarbons or HC) from your exhaust stream. As most engine management systems require a certain amount of waste to be processed by the catalytic converter, these systems have been known to throw a code for “catalytic converter below efficiency”. In these cases, the BEST option is to simply insulate your exhaust to keep the heat in the system. (Good to do this under ANY condition, with or WITHOUT The Groove!)

How much does it cost to get my engine “Groovy”?

The cost to have your throttle body modified is $497 for most cars. In certain cases, I can’t order replacements so you may need to send in your throttle assembly to get modified. If it’s a special order, these will only be performed on a non-refundable basis. And for MOST engines,

Is there any risk to my vehicle’s warranty?

Not at all. As there is nothing mechanically, electrically or electronically changed, it’s not possible for it to cause damage. In fact, the OPPOSITE is true. Not only do you get more power and better mileage in most cases, but your oil changes will last up to five times longer, the Heat the engine creates is decreased (extending the life of the engine) and emissions issues become a thing of the PAST!

What if I don’t see any improvements?

Sometimes, in all honesty, this does happen. But in almost every case, it is found to be related to vacuum-related issues such as leaky hoses or gaskets. Many of these failures are easily (and CHEAPLY!) corrected that the average mechanic would charge a FORTUNE for, but I’ve picked up a few secrets that avoid thousands in repair costs.

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