Big 3 Package for Cars and Light Trucks


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We have decided to make a new package for you, made of the most popular and essential products of the whole
100% Pure Snake Oil line of products for vehicles.

The Big 3 Package for Vehicles comes with the following proven products :
1 x 10 cc SnakeOil for Engine Oil up to eight quart capacity,
1 x   5cc SnakeOil for Automatic (or CVT or Manual) Transmissions* in cars and light trucks,
1 x 10cc SnakeOil for Gas and Diesel Fuel Systems up to 30 gallon capacity.

* Disclaimer: The SnakeOil for Automatic Transmissions IS NOT MADE for the CVT or Manual type of transmission.
So, please make sure to select the Big3 option or the right type of Transmission.

SnakeOil Big 3 The three Essential SnakeOil formulas proven when used together.

  • These three formulas will:
  • Improve mileage up to 25%
  • Increase power
  • Improve shifts
  • Add smoothness
  • Reduce wear, extending service life

Get “The Big 3 Package” now !!!

One application of the 100% Pure SnakeOil into your vehible engine will cause you to re-think what is POSSIBLE with your smaller engines.
Not only will it produce MORE POWER, but it will improve emissions and use LESS FUEL than you EVER thought it could!

Couple these benefits to the EXTENDED LIFE SPAN and you have a recipe for a REALLY happy engine or other piece of equipment.
Quiet noisy engines and compressors like you’ve only DREAMED of!

  • Extend Maintenance Cycles
  • Reduce Oil Consumption
  • Smoother Running
  • Greater Horsepower and Torque
    …and MORE!!!

Don’t wait to get this for ANY of your equipment, for EVERY HOUR you run your system WITHOUT Snake Oil damages it FURTHER and FURTHER!

Add this into EVERY oil change and you’ll be passing that equipment on to your GRAND CHILDREN!

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Weight 4 oz
SnakeOil Big3 - Vehicles

for Automatic Transmission, for CVT Transmission, for Manual Transmission (Gear Oil)