100% Pure Snake Oil by Gadgetman: For Cooling Systems


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Inside this 10 cc syringe (may come to you in 2-5 cc syringes) is enough Snake Oil to protect and heal major damage that may have occurred inside YOUR cooling system as a fact of simple age.

Our 2006 Kia Sedona water pump started squealing, then it started losing coolant. The water pump needed to be replaced. So, I took it into the shop (family van-76 year old momma-wanted it done for reliability) and they failed to get the work done for three days, so I brought it home. I had just finished creating the formula and thought I would try it out. I added 10 cc’s to the radiator and within MINUTES the squealing bearing quieted down and when I checked the system five days later, it had STOPPED losing coolant! That saved me over $300!!!

While this will treat only the components exposed to your coolant, it will CERTAINLY extend the life of your water pump assembly itself, as well as your thermostat. It not only CONDITIONS, but it CLEANS as it GOES!

We recommend adding one of these EVERY year to your cooling system whenever you change your coolant with the seasons to ensure the longest possible lifespan. After all, when your cooling system FAILS, this is the SINGLE GREATEST REASON for COMPLETE engine failure!

Never get stuck on the side of the road AGAIN with a worn-out water pump!

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