Complete Care Package


This is the most comprehensive protection package we offer!

Save $55!

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With this care package, you can maximize your protection and restorative action possible only with our Snake Oil Product Line-up. Including our ALREADY famous Snake Oil for Engines, each formulation is designed for that application, and blended with DOUBLE-STRENGTH concentrations of this amazing compound. Using the Complete Care Package will protect the main components where you experience the greatest amount of friction, which reduces drag AND mileage SUBSTANTIALLY!!!

Reports are coming in at increases OVER 11 MPG’s! Remember, for only $189, this package will make a GREAT GIFT for the people in your life that are struggling, as so many people are in this day and age.Order now, and you can have it in your hands in as little as THREE DAYS!!! If you have special requirements, just email us at with your needs!

Bulk Pricing is Available for Fleets!

Comes with the following treatments:

  • 10 cc for Motor Oil
  • 10 cc Fuel System
  • 5 cc for Power Steering
  • 5 cc for Gear Oil assemblies
  • 5 cc Automatic Transmission
  • 10 cc Cooling System

            …so you can eliminate as much friction in your vehicle and restore as much wear as possible!

Disclaimer: The SnakeOil for Automatic Transmissions IS NOT MADE for the CVT type of transmission.
For now we do not have a SnakeOil product to put into a CVT transmission.
But if you want, you can substitute the Automatic Transmission formula for another one of the same value ($29.) in this package.
After passing your order, feel free to ask for your substitution choice, by sending a quick message to us here:

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in