100% Pure Snake Oil by Gadgetman: For Gear Oil Assemblies


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Inside this little 5 cc syringe is enough of our formula of friction-proofing and restorative to undo DECADES of wear on any system that relies on Gear Oil for lubrication. This includes most standard transmission, differentials (rear ends), and transaxles as well as other heavy equipment.

Just squirt it into the the assembly, and let it go to work! Within SECONDS it starts to rebuild the worn areas and FRICTION-PROOFS the entire assembly, STOPPING all metal-to-metal contact with one of the LOWEST FRICTION COEFFICIENTS I HAVE EVER SEEN! (0.012!)

This means that it’s going to take LESS ENERGY to operate your equipment, it’s going to produce LESS HEAT and do MORE WORK for LESS EXPENSE!

I recommend adding one syringe every year to maintain the highest level of protection and keep your system operational FAR beyond normal life spans. I added only 2 cc’s to my NEW $2,000 DeWalt air compressor and it cut recharge time by an AMAZING 20%!!!

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