Big Rigs Treatment for Power Steering 5 Pack



Big Rigs Treatment for Commercial Trucks Power Steering

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When Power Steering Systems begin to fail, they start generating metal fragments that move through the entire system, causing additional damage to various components such as rack and pinion assemblies. Sometimes, these can cost an additional $2,000, $3,000 or MORE to repair.

Don’t let YOUR power steering system fail to this extreme. Put 20 cc’s of Snake Oil into your reservoir NOW!

If any damage HAS occurred in the pump, this can restore the parts, but if it IS already damaged, I HIGHLY recommend putting a filter into the RETURN line 
to the pump. This will catch any metal fragments that may be already doing damage to the REST of the system!!!

If it has experienced damage, DO THAT EVEN BEFORE ADDING SNAKE OIL!

Just one dose will not only RESTORE WORN PARTS, but keep your system functioning at PEAK PERFORMANCE for MANY YEARS!

Some truck operators like to use different types of fluids for their Power Steering system.
We have been asked about the following 3 options. So we listened !
When selecting this product hereabove, make sure to pick the right option for you.

Snake Oil has saved Truckers Thousands of Dollars.

If you purchased these individually, it could cost you as much as $545 retail price!
So at only $356.00 (4x the single Sales price) , you’re saving more than 34% !

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Engine Oil, Automatic Transmission fluid, Regular Power Steering fluid